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Managing Diabetes: Where can you find diabetes support

  You're not alone!

Finding out that you have diabetes really can put a damper on your life. You feel like you can't eat what everyone else does. You are supposed to exercise everyday. And, It's tough to follow all those instructions from your doctor. But you have made some changes. And you want to keep going. But how do you stay on track? You may feel like you are on your own. But you’re not!

  • Make eating healthy foods a family affair. Even your kids or grandkids can benefit from low-fat, whole grain meals.
  • Tell your family and friends about your diabetes and bring a nutritious meal to the next potluck. You’ll be surprised how many people will join you in your pursuit of “healthiness”!
  • In your favorite restaurant, let them know that you’re changing the way you eat. Ask for low-fat salad dressings, and butter, gravy and sauces on the side.
  • Join your local diabetes support group or an exercise & weight loss group. You can share your setbacks and successes with those who really understand your struggle.
  • Start a walking group in your neighborhood. Or throw some hoops with your friends. It’s fun to socialize. And people will get after you when you don’t show up.
  • Ask at your doctor’s office about resources for patients with diabetes. They may work with a diabetes educator who teaches a class, or know about one at the local hospital. And make sure you know who to call, if you have a question or problem with your diabetes.

You’re not alone. One in every ten Americans has diabetes. Let others know about yours and ask for help!


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