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About Us
Good Health Rewards can help you reach your health goals, absolutely FREE (always)!
Good Health Rewards is a completely free resource available to anyone who is interested in helping themselves to better health!

We know there are a lot of health websites out there, but we are here to offer you a unique and different type of resource to help you achieve your important long-term health goals. After all, good health shouldn’t have to be boring! Why not make it fun, enjoyable and rewarding!

Bite-Size Learning
First of all, we make learning easy. You choose the health topics you want to learn more about, and we deliver the information right to your in-box once a week. When you sign-up with Good Health Rewards, you’ll receive a weekly email that provides you with a “mini-lesson” that’s short and easy to understand, and is full of useful tips that you’ll actually enjoy reading!

And when it comes to well-written health information, we know what we’re talking about. Our sister company publishes educational materials that are used by 6,000 healthcare providers annually, which have helped over 10 million people since 1994!

Get Rewarded While Helping Yourself!
We know your good health is the best reward, but we think you deserve additional rewards for all your hard work. When available from our sponsors, we will offer you coupons and other types of money saving offers, and special offers such as free trials. There will also be contests and sweepstakes available from time to time to keep your motivation high!

Have Fun!
Working toward good health can be hard work, and honestly, sometimes frustrating too. Good Health Rewards strives to make learning about health… well, fun! Many of the articles include healthy comic relief, and we also use interesting quizzes as well, to help you learn important points about your health. By making the process fun, we think you’ll actually enjoy learning how you can help yourself to better long-term health.

Track Your Own Progress!
You can track and manage your most important health numbers within Good Health Rewards, such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc. You choose the health numbers you would like to track and you can personalize all the information to your own needs. As time goes by, you’ll be able to track and actually see the progress you are making towards your own goals. And if both you and your healthcare provider agree, you can also allow your healthcare professional to monitor your progress, and get guidance and encouragement along the way!
DEMO: To see an example of how Good Health Rewards "Health Tracker" can help you reach your health goals, click here.
Privacy Is Assured
We take your privacy very seriously! You will need to create a secure password to access our site, and we encourage you to keep that password only to yourself. Your personal information will never be made available to a third party, unless you explicitly authorize it, such as to share your progress with your personal physician.

Private Messaging Between Patients & Healthcare Providers
Good Health Rewards allows patients to connect with their medical professionals (after both parties have agreed to connect and share information together). Not only can you share personal medical information, but you can also communicate with complete privacy and security. For sensitive health information that you want to keep private, Good Health Rewards offers a completely safe and private messaging system that is fully HIPAA compliant. And, there is a standard email option for quick & convenient messaging about non-sensitive health information. You will have both options (private or standard messaging) to choose from for all messages you send through Good Health Rewards.

SITE TOUR: To see a quick tour of how Good Health Rewards can help you reach your health goals, click here.

So Why Wait?
It’s really easy to begin benefiting from Good Health Rewards. Just go to our sign-up form at the top of this page and:
  1. Select the health topics of most interest to you
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Create a secure password
You’ll receive your first “mini-lesson” within just a few minutes, and you’ll start
helping yourself to better health today!

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