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Safety for Summer Fun - Part 2


4. Make a Timely Exit
You planned to stay ‘til noon. Then your friends brought sandwiches and everyone had a great time out at the lake ‘til evening. The next day, everyone cringed with pain—another sunburn! But what could you do?

Good times do happen—plan for them!

  • Always take extra sunscreen, a hat, and some long clothes with you.
  • Move to a shady place before you feel you’re getting too much sun!
  • Have a Plan B! When the first people “turn pink,” get everyone out of the sun. A sunburn takes time to develop. So, today’s pink may develop—literally over night!—into a painful sunburn.

5. Drink Enough Fluids!
You’re ready for your day trip. You have your hiking shoes on, some sandwiches packed, and a sports drink in your backpack. But did you know that you should drink 64 ounces of water throughout the day? When doing physical work and in hot weather, your body needs even more.

When you sweat, your body loses water. If you don’t replenish it, you become dehydrated. Dehydration is a serious matter! It can make you more prone to heat exhaustion!

Signs of Dehydration
  • Don’t have to urinate all day
  • Have a really dry mouth and throat
  • Feel dizzy when standing up
  • Don’t need bathroom breaks; no wet diapers
  • Complain about dry mouth
  • Fuss a lot
  • Cry without tears
  • Seem more drowsy than usual

So, drink up—but do it right!

The best thirst quencher is water. But, if you don’t like plain water, try flavored water or a sports drink. Don’t grab a carbonated soda or alcohol, as these drinks make you even more thirsty.

Manage Seasonal Allergies
Allergy to pollen can turn an innocent summer outing into an itching, tearing, nose-running affair. Does that mean you have to lock yourself into an air-conditioned room throughout the summer?

Don’t give up quite yet!

There may be help for you. Why not try some of these strategies for fun in the sun—even for allergy sufferers:

6. Beat the Odds
Less pollen in the air means fewer allergies. Plan your outdoor activities on cooler, humid days, or after a cleansing rain. Pollen counts tend to be lower then.

7. Try a Nasal Wash
After the runny-nose attack has passed, allergy noses become stuffy. To create open flow once again, try a nasal rinse with saline solution. But don’t use one containing benzalkonium; it can make things worse rather than better.

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