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Healthy Eating: Quit dieting and just eat

  Did you ever think someone would tell you to quit dieting?

Surprise--we are going to!

Cows eat grass and grains, lions eat meat--but amazingly, we humans process and thrive on many types of food.

Just as we learned in grade school, we need protein to build muscles, fat to make us feel full and help us absorb vitamins, carbohydrates to provide energy for our long days, fiber to keep things running, and calcium for strong bones.

Inside your body are countless little dramas between enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Cells are formed, do what they do, die, and new ones replace them. Any of these activities can cause disease or disability if they go off track.

Eating a smart diet can reduce your risks of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and some cancers. And the bonus? A balanced diet is still yummy, filling, and fun if you are out with friends.

No excuses now.

  • “Good” food is not too expensive.
  • Nutritious food does not require your own chef (chefs can be temperamental, anyhow).
  • All the studies and information in the newspapers are not conflicting and confusing. Certain principles are known.

In this series, you will be getting tips for gradually transitioning to an affordable, intelligent diet. If you are already eating with health and energy in mind, you may get some new ideas. It doesn’t all happen at once. You may slip. If so, better luck next meal. No biggie.

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Do you like instant “results”? Then you’ll love fiber.

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