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Headaches: What kind of headache do you have?

  What kind of headache is it anyhow?

Headaches are so common; you hardly pay attention to them. But, each headache seems to have a personality of its own. Some are mild irritations; others can be pure torture and dominate your life for days or even longer. Do you know what type of headache you have? It's important to know, because you want to manage each type differently.

Tension headaches, better known as stress headaches, have added to life's misery for most of us at one point or another. They cause a dull pain on both sides of your head. You can't miss it when it shows up!

Migraine headaches cause a throbbing, pulsating pain in your head. They can also make you sick to your stomach and super-sensitive to light and noise.

Sinus headaches cause dull pain over one or both of your sinuses. They become worse when you move your head. Without them, your cold or allergies just wouldn't be the same.

A few people get cluster headaches. You may have guessed it from their name; cluster headaches come on in clusters of attacks. Just like some of your friends, they are all over you for weeks or even months and then you don't see them again until years later.

Even with their engaging personalities, you're not too eager to get a headache. But do you know how to keep headaches from occuring more often?

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