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Body Aches: Chronic pain

  When pain doesn't go away

Everyone’s in pain every once in a while. But, if you’re dealing with pain all the time, you have chronic pain. People who haven’t dealt with chronic pain may think you’re just whiney. But doctors take it very seriously! It can hit you hard and turn your life into a long and - well … painful—uphill battle. Do you know what caused your pain in the first place?

Sometimes the reasons for your pain are pretty straightforward. You had a car crash; of course you were in pain. Now a year later, your bones and wounds have healed but your back is still “a pain.” But have you ever thought of diabetes as a cause of chronic pain? Even constantly stressing about your annoying co-worker can cause body aches and pain.

Pain turns pleasant dreams into nightmares, or it can just keep you up all night. Then you spend your nights worrying, which fires up your pain even more. The next morning you drag yourself out of bed and through your daily schedule. You suffer through lunch with friends, send your kids or grandkids to play with someone else and think, “Where’s the fun in my life?” Being in pain all the time can make you feel isolated and sad. You feel like you live under a dark cloud and, all the while, your pain is getting worse.

So are you ready to get out of this vicious cycle? Yeah, there’s a way out!

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Tired of all the pain all the time? Pain-busting strategies that can help you see the sun again.

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